Choc Chip Griddles

A delicious alternative with the added bonus of dark Belgian chocolate

Choc Chip Griddles

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Choc Chip Griddles Product Information

Product Description: A round, flat cake containing chocolate chips. Chocolate Chip Griddles are Welshcakes with the replacement of the traditional dried fruit with chocolate chips for the perfect welsh guilty pleasure!

Shelf Life: Best Before: 35 days from day of production (Ambient) | 6 months from day of production (frozen).

Date Coding: DD/MM/YY on label.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place at ambient temperature, do not put in chilled storage. However, suitable for home freezing.

Packaged Quantities: 1 pack, 2 pack, 6 pack, 20 pack.


Colour: Golden Brown.

Texture / Taste: Semi - sweet, soft eating cake.